Crispy Palabok

If you like Filipino food, you’ve probably tried palabok, which is known for being very spicy. But could you picture having the sotanghon in a different way—satisfyingly crunchy? With this crispy Palabok recipe, we get to have just that!

What is Crispy Palabok?

You can expect a savory and flavorful sotanghon meal, just like a regular palabok. The shrimp, garlic, fish flakes, and pork will make it taste even better. This dish really is a party! But this recipe is different because we cook the rice vermicelli until it gets so crunchy and puffy that you can’t stop eating it! Adding a unique, salty sauce on top makes for a great, filling lunch or dinner dish.

What are the Ingredients?


To make our sauce taste like palabok, we need 2 teaspoons of annatto powder, ½ teaspoon of onion powder, and 1 Knorr Shrimp Cube. Don’t forget our ½ lb. of ground pork, 2 tablespoons of smoked fish or tinapa flakes, and 4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour.Get some fish sauce, ground black pepper, 3 tablespoons of cooking oil, and 2 ½ cups of water.

Let’s also work on the toppings. Get ½ cup of crushed pork rinds, 3 hard-boiled eggs (wedged), and 12 cooked shrimp ready.The last three things we need are ¼ cup of chopped green onion, 3 tablespoons of toasted garlic, and a lemon that has been sliced.

Two and a half cups of cooking oil and 250 grams of rice noodles or sotanghon are must-haves for making palabok.

How to Cook Crispy Palabok

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