10 Art Deco Nail Ideas for Roaring 20

These art deco nails in two tones are quite evocative of vampires. Bite Me and Frenemies ($11 each) are the colors from the Lights Lacquer Villain Era Collection that are used here.

Vampy Art Deco

How gorgeous are these mermaid nails from art deco? These were done by nail artist Brittney Ellen with Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($11) in the tones Message in a Bottle and Are Mermaids Not Sweet, finished with Beyond the Sea Charms ($8) from the same brand.


Color blocking is a big 2024 fashion and beauty trend, and this tri-tone design is excellent for Valentine's Day or any time you want a flash of color on your nails. Although nail artist Aistė Haas did not disclose her polishes, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color ($12) in Rose and Shine, Once a Chiffon, and Wine Stock replicates the effect.

Color Block Chic

This is a very intricate yet incredibly simple art deco nail style. To begin, simply paint a few black French tips down the nail, then use dotting tools to create a few dots in varying sizes.

Art Deco Dot

Do you want some glitter? Think about this art deco mani in purple and black. Using an ultra-fine nail art brush, such as the Beetles Gel Polish Nail Art Liner Brushes ($10), is the key to producing such perfect lines.


Although many art deco patterns are painted on almond-shaped nails, there is evidence that they can also appear striking when painted on square nails. Because it eliminates curves from the design, the square shape also makes painting the designs a little simpler.

Art Deco Square

Speaking of a manicure appropriate for a black tie event: The high contrast glittering jewels make this matte black manicure very eye-catching. The finest aspect? With a striping brush and some effort, you can get a similar appearance.

Tuxedo Art Deco Nail

Despite how elegant it may appear, this art deco manicure is actually quite simple to duplicate. Apply fine lines, split French tips, and French tips to your nails with a nail stripping brush as desired. Next, incorporate some gems into the mixture (a lot are included in the $10 Belleboost Crystal Nail Art Rhinestones Kit).

Gemstone Art Deco Nail

An art deco pattern with sweeping curves gives a 2024 Peach Fuzz foundation a Midas touch. Instead of drawing flawless curves, use Paintbox Right Angle Press Ons ($28). Under 10 minutes to put on, they last a week or more.

Sweeping Curve

You can get an art deco manicure in a lot of different methods. A double French manicure is a good option if you want something simpler: Just divide your nails into sections using the $6 Orly Half Moon Guides, then paint each section appropriately.

Holo Pearlescent Art Deco French

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