10 Best Christmas Nail Ideas to Complement Your Holiday Outfit

There are many things to like about the holiday season, one of which is dressing up for the occasion.

We're obsessed with all of the snug and adorable Christmas sweaters, festive gowns, and head-to-toe accessories. 

Your Christmas ensembles, however, would be incomplete without a lovely holiday manicure. We've gathered the best Christmas nail ideas with festive patterns like snowmen, Santa Claus,

snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, and more to help you get started. There's even one with Christmas tree lights that glow in the dark—talk about brightening your holiday season!

You'll also find adorable patterns inspired by your favorite Christmas movies, such as A Christmas Story and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

If nail painting isn't your thing, opt for a solid color manicure topped with glitter for a festive touch. There are many possibilities with everyone's favorite Christmas colors, red and green, 

but there are also some with unusual color palettes that will impress everyone of your friends and family.

The nice part is that you are not limited to just one of these manicures. Choose a handful of your favorites and switch them over the holiday season!

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