10 Christmas Cake Ideas for Your Holiday Dessert Table

There are many great Christmas treats, like holiday cookies and homemade candies, but a Christmas cake is one of the best.

A Christmas cake is a fun and easy way to add some holiday cheer to the dessert table. There are many types of cakes, from the old-fashioned but beautiful yule log cake to the smart and simple wreath cake, tree cake, and candy cane cake.

A bright Christmas wreath can make almost any room feel better during the holidays, even the dessert table.

Christmas Wreath Cake

People who like having colored lights on their Christmas trees will love this tree cake with a retro look.

Retro Christmas Tree Cake

This beautiful chocolate cake is made to rise and then fall like a cloud. Since it doesn't have flour, it's a great gluten-free choice for your Christmas party!

Amaro-Chocolate Cloud Cake

Love a white Christmas? Dressed in toasted coconut flakes, this cake is as light as freshly fallen snow. 

Coconut Angel Cake

Your kids will get a kick out of this super easy recipe inspired by jolly Saint Nick. 

Santa Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This praline turtle cake is packed with pecans, caramel, and a fudgy topping, making it an excellent choice for the Christmas season. 

Praline Turtle Cake

Decorating this impressive cake is an absolute breeze thanks to store-bought peppermint bark. 

Candy Cane Cake

Melted Jolly Ranchers become the perfect "panes" on this cake. When it comes to dessert tables and Christmas table spreads, it'll be the star of the show! 

Stained Glass Cake

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