10 Christmas Ombré Nail Designs to Try This Season

"My client wanted a deep brown/red ombré nail, which looks absolutely perfect for Christmas," Ladokun said. "I created this look with Aprés Nail Gel Color in Vintage Carnation ($15)."

Deep Cinnamon 

This ombré design is bold and colorful, with a sheer foundation and varied amounts of silver glitter flowing down the nail.

Glitter Drip Tips 

Moon Cat's I'm an MF Supernova ($14) is layered over Lights Lacquer's Clueless ($11) to create this delicate look. The glitter is extremely finely ground, which maintains the design extremely delicate.

Golden Supernova 

Snow patterns go beautifully with ombré. Lights Lacquer polishes Bon Bon ($11) and Paper Snow ($11) were used to create this design.

Snowy Ombré 

Creating an ombré with two shades of the same color is a simple process. A rich berry tone flows into a bright crimson in this design.

Berry Red 

Because they provide a snowy vibe, milky nails are ideal for Christmas. This design features a milky white foundation with a silver glitter gradient that flows down from the bottom of the nail.

Milky Silver 

"One thing that pops in the center of an ombré fade is chrome," Pavich explains. "I use this technique to provide a background."

Dark Christmas 

This icy nail design combines pale blue, white, and silver. The ombré has a very slight fading because the white used has blue overtones.

Frosty Shimmer 

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