10 Disney Princess Names to Contemplate for Your New Monarch


Princess Anna is a character in the Frozen film franchise. It's a Latin name that translates to "grace." 


Ariel is the title character and the ocean's princess in The Little Mermaid. This name means "Lion of God" in Hebrew. 


The name of this princess is the same as the name of Sleeping Beauty. It is the Latin word for "dawn." 


This Disney princess can be found in the film Beauty and the Beast. Belle is a French word that means "beautiful." 


This name translates to "little ashes" in French. Cinderella was the first Disney princess. 


Elena of Avalor is the title princess of the Disney Junior Series. It translates to "shining light" in Greek. 


This name has several origins, the most common of which are Hebrew and Scandinavian. It translates as "God is my oath." Queen Elsa is one of the most well-known Disney princesses to ascend to the throne, and she first appeared in the film Frozen. 


Giselle is the princess from Disney's Enchanted, and her name means "pledge" in French. 


In Aladdin, Princess Jasmine can be seen. It's a Persian name that means "gift from God." 


In The Lion King 2, we meet the Disney princess Kiara. She is Simba's daughter. The name translates to "princess" in Swahili. 

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