10 Front Porch Planter Ideas to Drape Your Entryway in Color

Decorate a dark-colored home with colorful flowers. Even from a distance, the warm, vivid red, orange, and yellow hues will capture visitors' attention.

Display Contrasting Colors 

Limited color is a porch planter design that keeps your look clean and cohesive. Red geraniums echo the red brick of the home, creating a ribbon of color around the porch steps. 

Create a Two-Tone Look 

Consider planting succulents in a bold, trendy porch planter. These drought-tolerant, sun-loving plants provide interesting patterns and colors. 

Go Modern with a Succulent Porch Planter Idea 

Symmetry is not only visually appealing, but also the easiest to arrange. Matching faux concrete planters mirror each other along the entryway steps. 

Keep It Simple 

For a colorful front porch planter, combine annuals, perennials, grasses, and even tiny shrubs. Just keep a few container gardening suggestions in mind,

Mix-and-Match Front Porch Planter Idea 

Ferns on a shady porch can provide a simple, tropical appeal. Adding variegated and lime green greenery to a shaded area will make it feel brighter. 

Brighten Shade with Ferns 

If your entry is balanced, consider a symmetrical front porch planter design. To complete the effect, choose plants with flowers that go with your front door, door mat, and other decorations. 

Rely on Symmetry 

Many larger houseplants, including the Boston fern, spider plant, and bird of paradise, can help bring the inside out on a shady porch.

Bring Houseplants Outside 

Brightly colored containers are a fun front porch planter idea that may highlight the plants in them while also adding a surprise aspect to the display. 

Play with Container Colors 

Sure, mums are a go-to for bringing a pop of autumn color. One particularly lovely fall front porch planter option is to layer these seasonal superstars. 

Seasonal Celebration 

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