10 Green Salads to Serve with Any Meal

Loved for its ability to simulate the gratifying texture and starchiness of a grain, Chef Marco Canora utilizes red quinoa, which he employs in this crisp and vibrant winter salad. 

Escarole Salad with Red Quinoa and Hazelnuts

Chef Nick Cobarruvias, who hails from Mexico, layers intricate flavor combinations into meals such as this crisp-tender cabbage salad, seasoning the charred cabbage with a butter prepared with árbol chilies, which gives it a gently spicy kick, and lime zest, which brightens the dish. 

Charred Cabbage Salad with Pecan Dukkah and Chile-Lime Butter

This traditional Caesar salad is quick and simple to prepare, and it is packed with lots of garlic, anchovies, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. 

Classic Caesar Salad

Little Gem lettuce, a smaller, sweeter form of romaine, is featured in Chef Nancy Silverton's gorgeous salad, which she adapted from her Mozza Cookbook; if you can not find it, use hearts of romaine. 

Little Gem Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Chef Mark Peel takes the traditional Waldorf salad of apples, celery, and walnuts and amps it up with romaine lettuce, frisée, and sliced radishes. Instead of the conventional mayonnaise-based dressing, he makes a cumin-infused lemon-walnut oil vinaigrette. 

Lemony Waldorf Salad

This vibrantly colored shrimp salad, which has components similar to those found wrapped up in tacos, is light and extremely filling; serve it with chips and a cool drink on a hot day. 

Shrimp Salad with Hominy, Arugula, and Lime

Pea shoots, with their juicy stems and sweet, mild pea flavor, are becoming a popular addition to salads; here they provide the ideal counterpoint to sharp radishes and arugula, aromatic fennel, and toasty hazelnuts. 

Pea Shoot and Arugula Salad with Radishes and Hazelnuts

In this colorful side salad, the fresh peppery greens and creamy avocado are enhanced with a mildly piquant kick from the honey-ginger white balsamic dressing, which is the foundation of a sweet and fragrant dressing made with specialty salts and vinegars that food scholar and cookbook author Jessica B. Harris keeps on hand. 

Greens, Avocado, and Blueberry Salad

With sweet grape tomatoes, briny kalamata olives, and sharp white cheddar, Chef Bobby Flay creates this wonderful grilled asparagus salad, where every bite reveals a new mix of flavors. 

Grilled Asparagus Salad

In just fifteen minutes, this zesty, crisp salad may be prepared for a perfect spring lunch or a hurried evening. 

Spinach and Smoked Salmon Salad with Lemon-Dill Dressing

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