10 Heart-Shaped Nail Designs You'll Fall in Love With Right Away

All eyes will be on you when you wear this metallic heart nail art. 

Metallic Heart Nail

When combined with heart-shaped nail art, magnetic nail polish gives your nails a captivating velvet look. 

Magnetic Heart Nail

Although a little more complicated, the 3D heart nail art that Kawajiri recommended is ultimately worthwhile.

3D Heart Nail

Kandalec suggests using glitter paint and decals to create a heart-shaped nail design if you're not much of an artist. 

Sparkly Heart Nail

Although hearts are typically red, utilizing gold gives the design a glitzy appearance. 

Gold Heart Nail

According to Kandalec, coquette nails are really in right now and a fantastic chance to try out different heart-themed nail art designs. 

Coquette Heart Nail

For extra flair, choose different colors of pink and red or stick to just one color for the hearts.

Cupid-Inspired Heart Nail

 This manicure's base combines shimmer finish and ombré colors to create a mesmerizing work of art that your friends won't be able to stop staring at.

Airbrushed Heart Nail

An asymmetrical tip will give your french manicure a contemporary spin.

Asymmetrical French Tip Heart Nail

In this style, the nails on all but one finger are solid red, and the swirly lines of pink, red, and white on the other fingers are topped off with a tiny white heart.

Swirly Heart Nail

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