10 Must-See Gel Nails Designs for Your Mood Board

"I love a good reflective gel design," Nolasco says. "It's fun, especially for the holidays."

Blingy Tips 

Consider decorations and elaborate patterns if you want to make a statement. Rhinestones, studs, and glitter will make your nails look like pieces of art.

Jeweled Starfish 

This dazzling style captures the essence of celebration simply, making your nails shine as brightly as the events around you.

Fluorescent French 

According to Nolasco, this eye-catching neon French manicure is inspired by dreamy tropical holidays. The bright lime green offers the classic French manicure a vivid edge.

Double Patterns 

Adding a pair of accent nails is a fun way to change up your manicure. This striking design looks fantastic on just a few nails and adds intrigue.

Chrome Font 

Font accents are an excellent approach to recognize a special occasion. "You can't go wrong with an old English font," Nolasco explains. "I made this for my birthday." 

Clase Azul 

This manicure is sumptuous and refined, inspired by the Clase Azul tequila bottle.

Purple French 

An orange and burgundy ombré manicure is a great alternative for individuals who want a strong and dynamic look. 

Autumn Ombré 

A baby pink foundation combined with a French ombré and glitter splatter makes an easily lovely manicure.

French Ombre 

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