10 Sides Dishes For Pork Tenderloin 

When it comes to dinnertime, the main course need a dependable partner. That implies there will be nothing wilted or uninspired. 

Pork tenderloin, in particular, requires a fantastic side dish to complement it on the platter. However, it does not have to be a time-consuming or difficult task.  

The finest side dishes use simple ingredients and are easy to prepare--even better if they can feed a crowd. Some of our favorite and best-ever side dishes complement pork tenderloin. 

When dinnertime arrives, look for outstanding flavor combinations, quick-cooking veggies, and uncomplicated preparations.  

Many of these side dishes are also wonderful for parties and gatherings, especially if your main is the star of the show at a more formal meal.  

These side dishes complement pork tenderloin and will be welcome on your table any night of the week.  

With this simple dish that mixes garlic, lemon, and walnuts (and looks exquisite! ), delicate broccolini threatens to take the stage from the pork tenderloin. 

Mashed potatoes are a favorite side dish, but this recipe is much better than the fast variety. It's creamy and whipped, and it bakes wonderfully (and effortlessly) in the oven like a casserole. 

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