10 Sweet and Spicy Valentine's Day Nail Ideas

Teeny hearts embedded on otherwise naked nails are just the straightforward style we'd expect from Sofia Richie's go-to manicurist, who designed this look.

Mini Heart

Julie Kandelec developed the lovely pink look for the spring 2024 Christian Siriano show using two distinct Essie manicures for a dimensional effect.

Sheer Attraction

Although pink and red are traditional Valentine's colors, this purple and blue aura manicure provides a refreshingly different backdrop for silver hearts.

Cool Tone

Shades of complementing hot pink work well for abstract swoops and loops.

Swirled Tip

To show the world that your heart is blazing.

Strawberry Milk Flame

For a different take on the French, use a matte foundation with sparkly points in the same flaming red.

Textured Tip

Lace-up tips elevate even the most layered outfit.


Pink outlines and accent hearts are modest yet charming.

Romantic French

A touch intense, but completely on-theme.

Deep Red

Replace your go-to French with hearts for the sweetest look yet.

Sweetheart French

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