10 Wonderful Irish Boys’ Names Inspired By The Festive Season


The masculine form of Holly is pronounced 'quil-in'. In Irish culture, holly had a regal rank among trees, and only the most aristocratic of individuals were named after it. It's a lovely holiday name inspired by nature.

Pronounced'ree', this is simply the Irish word King and is ideal for your little man, who will be dominating the home in no time.


The Irish word for Joshua is pronounced 'Yo-swa'. Joshua is a name that is intimately associated with Jesus and meaning "salvation."


The Irish word for Joseph is pronounced'show-sav'. His name means "he will add," and your baby boy will undoubtedly enrich your life.


Gabriel, the archangel, appeared to Mary to deliver good news. The Irish spelling, which is pronounced the same as in English, adds a unique twist to a lovely name.


Aoire (air-ah) signifies shepherd, as in the shepherds who went through the night to greet infant Jesus. Shepherds also guide and keep their flocks together, which is not a bad quality to have in a son.


Christopher translates to 'carrier' of Christ, whereas Críostóir ('kree-stor') is a unique name that reflects the season.


It's not Christmas without St. Nick, so why not go with the Irish form of the name, pronounced 'nik-los'?


Ideal for any boy born on December 26th, popularly known as Saint Stephen's Day. The Irish name Stiofán (pronounced'stif-fawn') means 'crown'.


Seanán ('shin-awn') means 'little wise one' and is ideal for a small Christmas arrival, just like the three wise men!

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