11 Budget-Friendly Front Yard Landscaping Idea

While annuals like petunias and impatiens are great for adding color to planting beds and containers, they are only good for your current growing season and will not withstand the harsh winters found in much of the United States. 

1. Avoid Annual

Tall ornamental grasses including switchgrass, beak grass, and Indian grass add texture and movement to front yard landscaping. 

2. Fill Gaps with Large Grasse

Consider purchasing only five plant types for your front yard landscaping: one evergreen, two larger shrubs, and three perennials. This will fill the space without cluttering it and keep costs low. 

3. Limit Types of Plant

Plant densely to cover all land to save yard care costs. Weedy plants like open soil, light, and moisture. 

4. Densely Plant to Cut Weed

Create a biodegradable weed screen by covering open soil with cardboard before planting and mulching. This allows moisture to infiltrate the soil while preventing weed development 

5. Deter Weeds with Cardboard

Following a long winter, spring is the perfect time to plant, but you may save hundreds of dollars by buying plants in late summer and early fall when garden centers and large box retailers are clearing out. 

6. Take Advantage of Deal

Hostas, grasses, and peonies, which have outlasted several owners, benefit from clump splitting in established yards. 

7. Divide to Multiply Plants for Free

Plant containers and pots instead of planting a complete yard to save thousands. In dry areas, use rock, sand, or pebbles as landscape filler and group containers to give color and flair. 

8. Keep Things Contained

Growing a garden from seed can be cost-effective if you have the time and patience. Native wildflower seed mixtures are more drought-resistant. 

9. Plant from Seed

Consider front yard landscaping options like clover, buffalo grass, or a wildflower seed mix to save money on lawn maintenance. Once planted, say goodbye to regular watering and the lawn mower! 

10. Plant a No Mow Yard

Planting a live fence or hedge instead of a fence is cheaper and easier to maintain. 

11. Create Living Fence

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