11 Classy Winter Nail Ideas for a Manicure

Chrome nails were summer's top mani trend, so our winter favorites should be shimmery. This brown chrome mani is gorgeous, but we want to try it on burgundy, deep purples, vampy reds, and navy, our favorite gothic colors.

Deep Chrome

When it comes to nail art, go simpler. We are thinking of trading in our cherished almond-shaped tips for square ones because we adore this mani (and its subtle detailing).

Tiny Detail

Don't let classy mean uninteresting: the sheer white foundation makes these oozing gold nails playful without being overly garish.

Dripping in Gold

These are far superior to the typical N*SYNC, boy band frosted tips from the 2000s. (Also infinitely more stylish.) Request an ombré manicure that has a high-gloss sheen, a mild chrome finish, and a transition from nude to silver to replicate the look.

Frosted Tip

crimson nails. And that's it. Really? Since red is currently very popular in fashion, why not use it as inspiration for your next manicure? For those gloomy winter days, a shade of cherry is the ideal splash of color.

The Season's Favorite Color

There are few greater examples of subtle nail art than this one. With these dark, glittery cuticle embellishments, you can actually turn a traditional French manicure on its head. The best part is that it's quite simple to DIY: all you need is some nail stencil stickers.

Vampy Upside-Down French

Even though it's difficult to make dazzle appear subtle, these translucent pearly hues manage to pull it off in the most amazing way. We're here for the festive spirit that this mani exudes.

Pearly Girly

This adorned manicure exudes an air of elegance that makes it seem like a modern classic. Though we adore it with a barely-there nude base, a darker, more vampy hue would also look great on it.


By staying with muted colors, this glazed manicure with a heart embellishment doesn't feel overly dramatic. Rather, the outcome is complex but entertaining. Those naked colors assist to balance the fun that the heart tips provide.

Glazed Heart

There's a reason why fashionistas and It girls have long gravitated toward tortoiseshell prints. The natural, blobby style and muted colors create a subtle but interesting vibe.


A multilayered finish that provides some visual appeal will prevent black nails from becoming overly dramatic. Regrettably, OPI's Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer in My Private Jet ($14) is a fantastic substitute for this particular shade, which is no longer available.

Multidimensional Black

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