11 Dark and Moody Winter Nail Looks

"This look is a mix of a creamy dark brown with a lighter neutral shade with an abstract design," Banks said. "I used a striper brush to create the shapes."

Dark and Creamy

"I created this using ORLY's Liquid Vinyl with metallic foils," Banks tells me. "Liquid Vinyl also looks great alone with a shiny or matte topcoat for an edgy look."

Black + Chrome 

"This was created with a custom color made at ORLY Color Labs," Banks tells me. "It's an ultra-dark brown that looks like a cross between Liquid Vinyl and Canyon Clay." 


Mr. Darcy Lights Lacquer is a grayish indigo with a hazy appearance. It's gloomy and deep, just like the man who inspired it.

Mr. Darcy 

"This dark nail with a cat eye holographic effect is a super easy upgrade to a single-color manicure," says Fleury Rose, a manicurist.

Cat Eye 

Worse, you could be expelled! Lights Lacquer's shade is a tawny, smoky brown. It has a lot of depth without being a super-dark color.

Or Worse, Expelled! 

"I love brown nails, and I've been seeing more and more as a trend with all the '90s and 2000 revivals," Rose said. She applied OPI's Shh...It's classified.

Shh…It’s Top Secret! 

"Don't skip dark green as an elegant choice for the winter," Rose suggests. "Matte emerald green is one of my favorites alongside this green and gold combo."


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