11 Straight Fire Red Chrome Nail Ideas for a Manicure

Choose an almond shape to showcase your chrome red nails for a stylish take on the trend. Pro tip: Apply the chrome powder before the color if you'd like a more subdued chrome finish.

Subtle Chrome

Instead of using silver nail polish, try pairing a classic red nail lacquer with red chrome powder to get a real ruby tone. This will preserve the shiny chrome sheen while adding depth to the color.

Ruby Red

Slaying just one essential manicure trend is ideal. Rocking the two at the same time. And you'll succeed in doing so with these red chrome snake print nails.

Snake Chrome

Naturally, what we mean by XXL is extra-extra lengthy. If you want to have a very striking manicure, don't be afraid to add extra length. Adding a hint of glitz never fails to heighten the drama.

XXL Chrome

Nail artist Maki layered a vivid red lacquer with garnet chrome powder for this spectacular combination. See how she accomplished it on the Byrdie Instagram page.

Maximum Chrome

Consider incorporating 3D nail art with a red chrome manicure for a truly eye-catching look. Apply the same color to the 3D decals to create an almost extraterrestrial appearance.

3D Nail Art

This fiery mani is really attractive. (Apologies, we were unable to resist.) We can't get over the visual contrast created by the classic glossy nude base and the chrome flames at the tips.

Fire Flame

We adore Lights Lacquer's 1952 Nail lacquer ($11) for a red chrome lacquer that works well for one application. Without the need for powder, the candy apple red's velvety touch creates the illusion of chrome.

The Classic

With this manicure, Zola Ganzigort, the nail artist who helped popularize chrome nails alongside Hailey Bieber, tripled down on the trends. The pair has bow accents and red French tips, finished with a glazed-donut look. 

Glazed Donut French Tip

To truly bring the flames, go for a golden glaze iridescent manicure for an ultra-metallic finish. Nail artist Tom Bachik topped PLA's Gel Polish in Chai and Chai Again ($13) with a "golden glaze iridescent shimmer" for Selena Gomez's "glazed fire" manicure.

Golden Glazed

Alright, so this one involves a little bit of cheating. If you're unable or unable to go completely monochromatic, you can still accomplish a similar look by using a shimmery finish and the glossiest top coat possible.


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