11 Valentine’s Day Manicures That Are Pure Love At First Sight

Hearts are a Valentine's Day staple. However, if your taste is more minimalist, an over-the-top design is not likely to appeal to you. Enter this lovely manicure.

Tiny Heart

Want to spice up a good manicure? Consider this ombré set as a look for you. The classic approach results in a smooth gradient of color that is nothing short of fascinating.

Passion Pink

Pink may not be your hue, and that's fine. You can still celebrate the holidays with this festive manicure. 

White Hearts & Rhinestone

The power of red knows no bounds, as this short manicure demonstrates tenfold. On well-groomed nails, the glossy scarlet lacquer conveys elegance.

Classic Red

The intricacies of this manicure tell volumes. First, there's the classic design in a tuxedo color scheme.

Queen Of Heart

Despite its complicated appearance, this pattern is simple to recreate. As the artist demonstrates, all that is required is bright red polish, a paintbrush, and a steady hand. 


Need a colorful manicure for your Galantine's party? Why not try this candy-coated look? The mixture of glossy pinks is ideal for a girls' night out.

Pink Gradient

You are the perfect manicure minimalist, but you enjoy nail art. If that describes you, this is your ideal holiday appearance.

Barely There

Even a traditional Frenchman can dress up for the holidays. This set has cherry red tips decorated with multicolored hearts.

French Manicure

A drink of bubbly seems appropriate for the evening, even if you're staying in. This sparkling appearance feels like the manicure equivalent of a glass of champagne.

Glitter Dipped Tip

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