12 Christmas nail designs to try for 2023

From the summer 2023 manicure trends that had us rotating between glazed donut looks and bluberry milk manis to the autumn nail designs that brought us black scalloped edges and colors of burgundy, we enjoy a lovely nail style.

And now, you guessed it, it's time to focus on everything bright, shimmery, and Christmassy. 

And if there was ever a moment to dip your toe (or should that be finger) into a more entertaining nail style, it's now. Some people choose to experiment with their makeup, such as a bright glitter eye.  

If that feels a little too far out of your beauty comfort zone, nails are a terrific chance to explore and try out trends that are a little less risky. 

"Over the last few years, more and more of my clients have been asking for Christmas-inspired nails - everything from intricate nail art designs to glitter and sparkle," say the pros.

Even my clients who normally wear more subdued tones during the year have gone all-out for Christmas," says famous nail artist Michelle Class. 

Her explanation on why they're getting increasingly popular? "I think it's a way of bringing some festive cheer and joy to your look really easily and who doesn't want that?"

And what's her best piece of advise for obtaining the perfect Christmas nails in 2023? "Choose a design or a colour that makes you smile, makes you feel good and brings you happiness."

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