3 Easy Ways To Manage Even The Most Difficult-To-Resist Chocolate Craving

Valentine's Day is all about chocolate, whether it's milk, dark, or white. Chocolate has an alluring scent and a scrumptious melt-in-your-mouth taste.

If you're like most people, you occasionally have an overwhelming desire to consume chocolate.

In a study of chocolate cravings among American and Spanish college students, researchers discovered that 91% of American women and 59% of American men report craving chocolate.

We adore chocolate and consume copious amounts of it. In 2009, the globe consumed almost 7.2 million tons of chocolate.

Given our urge to eat chocolate and the abundance of chocolate-based sweets accessible this time of year, how can we limit how much we consume?

Paradoxically, denying oneself chocolate when you crave it might lead to increased anxiety and eating over time.

1. Don’t restrict yourself.

If you're like most Americans, you've undoubtedly been on one (or more!) diets at some point in your life.

2. Plan ahead.

Life is short. Chocolate and food should be enjoyed. If you are going to have a lavish meal only to feel guilty afterwards, it is simply not worth it.

3. Enjoy it when you choose it.

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