3 Zodiac Signs Get Much Needed Closure On December 11, 2023

People are coming to terms with what the entire year has brought them around this time of year. It may be devastating for some, but it may be good for others

Then there's everything in between, and it's all a big life lesson. On this day, December 11, 2023, we shall witness something extremely special: we will receive the apologies we believe we are entitled, thanks to the transit of Venus sextile Lilith.

Three zodiac signs have experienced the emotion of being wrong, and while we may not have actively sought an apology,

we all know in our hearts that the person who wronged us owes us one. Apologies are difficult to come by since it takes a lot of courage to offer one, especially when you know you were the 'bad guy.'

The 'bad guy' appears on this day, December 11, 2023, and we will see this individual make apologies for their actions during the transit of Venus sextile Lilith. 

They may not appear serious, and they may even detest the concept of doing this, but we will receive an apology and closure. After they deliver, we will never have to anticipate or expect one from this person again.

On December 11, 2023, you will receive an apology from someone who has been owing you one for far too long, and the only problem is that you believe it is too little, far too late. 


This day delivers you something you've been wanting for a long time: an apology from an old sweetheart. This individual was 'the love of your life,' and the breakup was something you've always blamed on them.


You don't appreciate being wronged, lied to, or played for a fool, and you're aware of at least one person who has taken advantage of your friendship in the past. The day's transit, Venus sextile Lilith, will have you hearing from this person.


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