4 best exercises for belly fat

The majority of the fat we gain as we age appears around the waist, especially in menopausal women. 

These are the finest exercises for getting rid of that menopausal belly and regaining your slender waistline.

The Fat Loss Science Before you can create an exercise program for menopause belly, you must first understand the fundamentals of fat loss. 

Many people want to lose belly fat, but it's crucial to recognize that you can't spot-reduce fat anyplace on the body. There is no way to target fat in specific regions, no matter how hard you try. 

Walking or Running

Walking and running will always be effective fat-loss methods. Most people burn 100 calories every mile and 500 in 30 minutes at a brisk pace. You can utilize a treadmill or walk around the neighborhood to reach your goals.


Swimming is great low-impact cardio for menopausal belly. Moderate water treading burns over 200 calories per hour, whereas medium-speed swimming burns over 500. It's good for seniors because it doesn't stress bones and joints.


Cycling offers more challenge. The average person burns 260 calories in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity. Outdoor riding burns more calories due to terrain variations, although stationary cycling is also an alternative.


Rowing machines may be the best cardio machines. Moderate rowing burns over 900 calories per hour. It mimics kayaking or canoeing, which engages your full body. This equipment makes it easy to sweat and lose menopausal belly.

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