4 Keys to Embody Aquarius Season

On January 20, the rise and grind mindset of Capricorn gives way to the Aquarius season. We get a chance to embrace our uniqueness and discover the benefits of serving from a genuine place during this phase of the Zodiac year.

If we're not careful, Aquarius season may cause us to feel as though we're "falling behind" on our personal objectives and morals and losing touch with our inner strength.

When we are at our lowest, we could feel as though we are failing ourselves or the group we want to be a part of.

Here are four important reminders to help you embrace the energy of Aquarius season and its close relationship to the law of attraction.

Every idea and tiny detail of day-to-day existence has an energy component. This energy forms the basis of our mental, emotional, and behavioral habits and affects how we perceive ourselves.

1. Clear your perception daily with a journal practice.

Today, Uranus, the planet linked to epiphanies that give rise to creative and original ways of being, rules Aquarius. This is the call that could "pop up" out of nowhere and nudge us in a different route.

2. Act on small flashes of insight.

Compared to Capricorn, Aquarius is an air sign and is hence more gregarious. We are encouraged to reopen ourselves to more social activities during Aquarius season, but we also need to honor the contemplative energy of winter.

3. Take initiative to create inspired community.

The humanitarian sign of the zodiac is Aquarius. Goals and ideals, full of our aspirations for the coming year, can start to seem heavy, which is the last thing we probably want to happen. Desperation or hopelessness may result from this.

4. Prioritize connecting with the felt sense during alone time. (It’s okay to chill out.)

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