4 Zodiacs Ready (But Terrified) To Fall In Love Again

You have a flighty personality. You flit from one person to another and one discussion to another. Gemini, this can be highly erratic at times, and some may even consider it to be flimsy or unreliable.


You're not as interested in love as other people are. You enjoy having options available to you because you are afraid that you won't be able to find the right person and that you will grow tired of them.

Regarding love, you have a realist perspective. You don't view love the same way that other people do—through rose-colored glasses. You're worried your spouse will see your flaws and flee away, therefore you won't let down your barriers and admit to them.


Virgo, you struggle with trust. and problems with perfectionism. Because you are afraid of being vulnerable, you will stop at nothing to avoid falling in love with anyone.

You're not one to settle down and do nothing, Sagittarius. You like to be active, travel, and socialize with new people. You are afraid of being in a relationship and later meeting someone who would be a better fit.


As well as of having a spouse who doesn't want you to travel too much. Not only do you detest the thought of being bound, but you also worry that love may become monotonous.

You get so anxious when you think you won't succeed at something. You become just as nervous thinking about falling in love when there's a possibility it won't work out in the end.


You prefer things to be manageable, well-organized, and worthy of your time and effort. You detest that love isn't something you can control and that it can be unpredictable! Being a realist in love, you are afraid to fall in love.

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