5 Contemporary Living Room Ideas for a Relaxing Gathering Space

A neutral color scheme, varied materials, and simple silhouettes will transform your living room into a contemporary space.

A efficient and uncluttered layout, as well as clean lines and high-quality finishes, are essential elements of a contemporary living room.

And, while the design approach celebrates a minimalist appearance, it is far from boring.

A fireplace makes a natural focal point in a living area; avoid a cluttered mantle to give it a modern appearance. 

Contemporary Living Room Fireplace 

A beautifully layered vignette on a couch table creates a stylish moment and allows you to personalize your living area. 

Layered Vignette 

To add modern elegance and refinement to your living area, choose a neutral color scheme. 

Contemporary Neutrals 

Wall paneling provides depth, texture, and visual intrigue. Maintain a contemporary style by keeping panels minimal and simple.

Modern Wall Paneling 

Give your living area a modern makeover by painting old exposed brick with a fresh coat of white. It is more faster, easier, and less expensive than covering it with drywall, and it also provides texture and character. 

Painted Brick Wall 

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