5 traits of comfortable winter backyards to emulate for a more usable outdoor space

Feeling enclosed

A covered garden, terrace, or patio is more enjoyable, like sitting beneath a porch.  

You can congregate outside even in cold weather with a pergola, awning, or retractable roof.  

Place to settle

To build a nice winter backyard to spend time in, you'll need comfortable seating. 

Outdoor sofas and seats should be weatherproof.

Humans have instinctively flocked around fire for millennia. 

A symbol of warmth

 Although a fire pit is preferred, a group of candles can warm the space.

Outdoor lighting, such lanterns, string lights, or portable lamps, creates a warm atmosphere at nightfall.

Ambient light

Rituparna states 'Modern garden lights and lighting fixture installation provide an attractive ambience'.

An anchoring treat

'An welcoming place is not complete without an anchor,' explains Rituparna.

A speaker or sound box with your favorite music, a small gas barbecue, barbeque, or portable pizza oven will anchor an outside spot.

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