5 Trending Winter Manicures, According To The “Pinterest Hand Girl”

By looking at her hands, you might recognize Sarah Haidar. 

The unlicensed content creator manicurist posts at-home nail instructions on Instagram and TikTok as heluviee, however many people recognize her hands


Balletcore' is making an appearance on the nail scene with ribbons. 

Dark red

On TikTok, a particular shade of dark red termed 'cherry mocha' remains a top nail color trend.

Pastel tips

This one is more unexpected. Hiadar says that pastel nail polish is an unexpected trend for winter.

Blue velvet

Another way to play with blue is with a fuzzy blue velvet manicure. "It's so perfect for winter," says Haidar. 

Glossy black

Black is one of those nail colours that people consider a "classic" colour, but it's really not. 

People perceive black to be a "classic" nail color, however it is not.

"I feel like people talk about black but no one really gets it," says Haidar, which is why it's always an interesting choice.  

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