6 "bad" snacks for weight loss, dietitian recommends 

If you're trying to lose weight, snacking can help. However, not all snacks are equal. Well-balanced snacks can offer nutrients, suppress appetite, and prevent overeating at your next meal. 

In fact, dividing up your calories throughout the day by eating a little lighter at meals and making room for one to two snacks may be better for your digestion and metabolism  

“People often feel the fat content of nuts makes them an indulgence. But once I explain nuts' magnificent benefits, they usually try them,” says Marcie Vaske, M.S., a gut-health licensed nutritionist at Oswald Digestive Clinic in Minneapolis.  

1. Nuts

Packing healthy foods on-the-go gets easier with dried fruit, which may help keep you regular, too. “When mid-meal hunger strikes, reach for dried fruit like raisins, prunes 

2. Dried Fruit

People may refrain from popping open the chip bag as a weight-loss strategy, but chips can play a helpful part in boosting your nutrition, believe it or not. 

3. Chips

Cutting back on carbs is sometimes seen as the ultimate weight-loss hack, and while it may work for some, many people feel deprived of eating the snacks they enjoy, including crackers. 

4. Crackers

There’s no denying the skepticism around eating bananas and losing weight. But bananas are too nutritious to avoid, and they are an easy and affordable snack.  

5. Bananas

If you’re not convinced snacking on cheese works for weight loss, maybe we can help. “If you crave savory foods for snacking, cheese is the way to go. 

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