6 Bottled Vegan Salad Dressings You Have to Try

Slather anything in vegan ranch dressing and even the vegetable-averse will happily gobble it up.  

We’re conditioned as children to take our veggies with a quarter-cup of Hidden Valley, and while we’ve learned to ask for dressing on the side a

expanded our options to include vinaigrettes and tahini-based sauces, a good vegan salad dressing remains a crucial component of any leafy green dish.

These condiments quite literally dress up a salad—transforming bland greens into an indulgent dish with a simple drizzle.

Whether you toss it all together or methodically stick a fork into the dressing before each bite, a salad without dressing is downright sad. 

Here are six vegan salad dressings to buy and to make to gussy up any bowl of greens.

Follow Your Heart

Hidden Valley

Mother Raw


Plant Perfect


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