7 Beautiful Sedum Plants for Heat and Cold

Garden water conservation using gorgeous sedums, or stonecrops. Many shapes, colors, and sizes of drought-tolerant plants are available.

Sedum 'Purple Emperor'

In summer, hybrid perennial sedum 'Purple Emperor' displays clusters of small, star-like pink blooms on dark purple, meaty leaves. Its upright to slightly spreading bunches of flowers attract bees, butterflies, and other humming insects from summer to fall.

Showy Stonecrop

In late summer, Japanese showy stonecrop has purple-edged, blue-green leaves and pinkish-purple flowers. This prolific bloomer works well alone or as a groundcover under larger sun-loving perennials.

Moss Stonecrop

Moss stonecrop, a low-growing evergreen, features dark green, finely textured leaves and summer yellow blooms. Walkable groundcover, this perennial carpet can endure light foot traffic. 

Sedum 'Ogon'

Its bright gold leaf makes 'Ogon' a striking and easy-to-grow spreading groundcover. Summer foliage overshadows tiny yellow-green blossoms. 

Sedum 'Frosty Morn'

Tall stems and spoon-shaped leaves make 'Frosty Morn' a striking variegated sedum. This plant's sage green leaves with white borders makes it a bold addition to borders or pots.

Broadleaf Stonecrop

Broadleaf stonecrop grows swiftly and smothers weeds. Summer brings silvery foliage and yellow blossoms. This succulent is endemic to northern California cliffs, making it easy to add to your rock garden.

October Daphne Stonecrop

Fine-textured October Daphne sedum has blue-green, deep pink-edged leaves. Its pink blossoms attract bees and butterflies, making it ideal for pollinator gardens.

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