7 Rare Baby Names You’ll Completely Fall In Love With.

Seraphina is a summons to angelic beauty and elegance. It is derived from the Hebrew term "seraph," which means "fiery ones" and is frequently associated with angels in religious literature. 


Thaddeus is a timeless and dignified call to a boy. It has historical antecedents, tracing back to biblical times, and means "courageous heart."


Isolde is a name full with romance and records. It has a long Celtic history and is well known for the sad love story of Tristan and Isolde. 


Cassian is a strong and excellent name with Roman roots. It derives from the Latin name Cassius, which means "hole" or "vain." 


Ondine is a name that evokes the mystery of water and the fascination of the deep sea. Its origins can be traced back to European folklore, particularly those about water nymphs in France and Germany.


Leopold is a summons to aristocratic origins and regal majesty. It is derived from the old High German term "Liutpold," which meaning "people's formidable."


Elowen is a summons to spellbinding grandeur and herbal attraction. It is derived from the Cornish language and method "elm tree." 


This name encapsulates the essence of nature's elegance and tranquillity, making it an ideal choice for parents who value the outdoors and the serenity of the herbal world. 

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