7 Spring Flowers That Will Add Instant Color to Your Garden

The joyful faces and hues of violas and pansies are difficult to resist. Pansies are larger, showier versions of their little, dainty viola counterparts. 

1. Pansies and Viola

Like pansies, dianthus thrives in cooler conditions. That means April is the best time to put these plants in the ground.

2. Dianthu

There is no need to wait until after the final frost to plant snapdragons. You can plant these annual beauties a few weeks before your area's final frost, as long as the soil is workable and not frozen solid.

3. Snapdragon

This is one of the few early-flowering annuals that may be planted from seed sown outside a few weeks before the final frost date. 

4. Sweet Alyssum

Creeping phlox (Phlox subulata), like alyssum, is a low-growing plant that grows no taller than 6 inches yet spreads to form a lovely blanket of brilliant blossoms in the spring.

5. Creeping Phlox

Nemesia plants look great in containers and hanging baskets, and they flower prolifically for months. 

6. Nemesia

With so many new hellebore hybrids available, you're sure to find one—or two, or three—that you can't live without.

7. Hellebore

Although they are recognized for their downward-facing blossoms, several of the newer kinds display their flowers in striking colors (metallic blue, deep purple, and even black). 

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