7 Trendy Fall Nail Art Ideas

A change in season signals a shift in trends, making it the ideal opportunity to alter up your manicure design. 

These seven fashionable fall nail art ideas will get you plenty of attention and likes.

1. Tortoise nails.

We commonly see this design on glasses and jewelry, so why not add it to your nails? 

2. Black or multicolored tips.

This design is an autumn take on the classic French manicure.

3. Ombre Color Gradient Nails

We always have trouble deciding on a nail color, no matter the season.

4. Orange Nails

Nothing says fall quite like the color orange.

5. Color Duo Nails

Color duo nails are the ideal autumn manicure trend for the undecided gals out there. 

6. Dark green nails.

This design is my particular favorite because of the deep colour of the dark green nails.

7. Single-line nails

Single line nails are the ideal accessory for the minimalist look that is popular right now.

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