8 Easy Garden Designs Designed with Full Sun-Thriving Plants

Water-Wise Garden 

In the summer, you won't have to bother dragging the hose outside to water this garden.

Beautiful Heat-Tolerant Garden 

This low-maintenance, high-impact garden design maintains the gorgeous appearance of your yard even during heat waves.

Colorful Curbside Garden 

Using fuss-free native perennials and decorative grasses, you can create a colorful oasis between your walkway and the roadway. 

Tough-as-Nails Perennial Garden 

Lavender, catmint, and Russian sage are good choices for low-maintenance gardens.

Heat-Loving Flower Garden 

When it becomes hot outside, some plants die. However, no matter what the weather does, you may enjoy a spectacular patchwork of color since the types in this garden plan continue to glow in the blazing heat. 

Front Yard Corner Garden 

Installing this corner fence garden with quick-growing flowers will help you banish front yard blahs.

Small-Space, Easy-Care Sunny Garden 

With this easy garden idea, you may enjoy tons of gorgeous color throughout the season. 

Beat-The-Heat Summer Garden 

Even when the temperature rises, this incredibly simple garden design will look great all summer.

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