8 Garden Trends We See Taking Root in 2024

Exuberant color, big in little places, and native plants will dominate gardening this year. Plant this to experience these garden trends.

1. Fewer But Better Plant

In response to the volatile economy, gardeners are looking for top-performing plants with a big presence. Instead of filling a container with four to six annuals, they want a single plant that can anchor a container or a large planting bed.

2. Magenta Bloom

Viva Magenta, a warm-cool berry-red hue inspired by cochineal bug carmine dye, infuses your landscape with enthusiasm and bravery.

3. Embrace Native Plant

Gardeners nationwide face increasingly challenging weather conditions, including hurricanes, droughts, and extreme cold. Why natives? Native plants can withstand nature's wrath and support the local ecosystem. 

4. Make the Most of Small Space

A cooling housing market is encouraging Americans to rethink their space and find inventive ways to maximize limited areas. Plant-lovers should fill every nook and cranny with pots and hanging baskets. 

5. Houseplants Galore

From mini monsteras to pothos, finding interesting indoor plants has never been easier. Whether your home is an indoor jungle or you just want to add greenery to every room, there are always new plants to add. 

6. Plant a Tree

Plant a new tree this year to bring that passion to your yard. If you are limited on space, choose a thin, upright cultivar of your favorite species. Remember: right tree, right place, right way. 

7. Growing for Abundance

Oak trees protect wildlife, feed pollinators, and shade a large picnic area. Berry bushes, like the container-friendly Bushel and Berry series, are attractive and tasty. 

8. Fall Planting

Garden centers are offering more fall-friendly color and food crop plants. 

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