8 Green bedroom designs to motivate a transformation

headboard because it always produces a great faux headboard look. 

Matching your shade

These gorgeous cherry red woods, which are widely available in vintage and antique stores, are preferred by modernist designers.


The delicate yet warm texture of boucle lends itself well to a bedroom, while a cool green tone serves as a counterpoint to the overall coziness.

Light green and boucle

In a bedroom, feature walls are frequently used since a color wash on all four walls could be too much. 

Feature wall

This bedroom is intriguing since all of the colors have a soft faded feel and fall into a mild sage color scheme. 

All over green

The bed linens are from Bed Threads, and they have a beautiful, worn-in appearance because they are made entirely of flax.

Pink and green

This amazing bedroom serves as a wonderful example of resourcefulness.

DIY headboard

This green bedroom offers everything you'd need for a rural bedroom, including the headboard's charming ticking, the bed's sink-in layers, and the attractive plate display, which is a really creative way to decorate a space. 


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