8 Nail Ideas for Fall That Are Far From Basic

Black and chocolate brown combine for a sumptuous fall appearance that we can't get away from. We love how the colors clash in this diagonal French manicure, which looks aggressive and memorable.

Black and Brown Combo

This deep aura nail style immediately piqued our interest and reminded us of the autumn equinox. To perfect the velvet center, you'll probably need the help of a professional.

Autumn Equinox Nail

We can't stop gazing at these lush, marbled nails. It appears luxurious, with burgundy and brown tones combined with gray, white, and gold. 

Marble French Tip

This negative space French manicure gives us cozy coffee sensations. If you want to recreate this look at home, the Lights Lacquer YNBB Volume 2 Bundle ($58) can assist.

Shades of Brown

Autumn is the season for deep, earthy colors and neutrals galore. If you can't decide on a single shade (or don't want to), use a mix-and-match strategy to highlight your favorite colors of the season.

Fall Mix-and-Match

This art deco-inspired French manicure has us completely enamored with its rich cinnamon vibe.

Cinnamon French Tip

Don't feel compelled to wear ultra-complicated, time-consuming manicure designs. You can create a stunning fall manicure with your favorite nude and metallic brown polishes, accented with gold flecks. 

Pumpkin Spice Metallic

How gorgeous are these mixed-finish velvet French tips? The gloomy blue tint is ideal for autumn.

Blue Velvet Tip

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