8 Simple Tips for Growing Strawberries Indoor

1. Choose roomy pots.

Strawberry plants have a short root system, so you don't need large pots to grow them.

2. Select the right strawberry varieties.

All types of strawberries can be grown indoors, although day-neutral strawberry plants, such as 'Albion' and 'Florida Beauty,' are typically the best options for indoor gardens. 

3. Use a rich potting mix.

Indoor strawberries can be planted any time of year. They thrive best when planted with their crowns at the soil line and not covered with soil.

4. Provide lots of light.

One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining strawberries inside is ensuring that your plants receive adequate light throughout the year.

5. Add slow-release fertilizer.

Mixing worm castings or compost into the potting mix gives strawberry plants a steady delivery of nutrients as they grow.

6. Water regularly.

Strawberries, like other edible plants, require constant watering. Indoor strawberries usually require less water than outside plants.

7. Hand-pollinate flowers.

Outdoor strawberries are normally pollinated by bees and insects, while indoor plants must be human pollinated in order to set fruit.

8. Be patient.

Indoor strawberry plants grow quickly once planted, but they take longer to yield berries.

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