9 Exciting Black Flowers You Should Grow in Your Garden

When it starts to bloom in late summer or early autumn, the dahlia, a popular black flower in fall arrangements, stands out in the garden thanks to its gloomy blooms. 

Black Dahlia

'Queen of the Night' tulip is an easy-to-grow bulb that adds drama to borders, beds, and containers in late spring. Its velvety, nearly black blooms are especially striking when paired with white or yellow flowers. 

Queen of the Night Tulip

These perennial blooms grow especially nicely in containers, but they can also fill in amid larger blooms in your garden, such as dahlias or lilies, even if up close they appear almost black. 

Chocolate Cosmos

Black bat flowers are native to tropical regions of Asia, but they may also thrive outdoors in subtropical temperatures; in colder locations, bring them inside during the winter to make interesting houseplants. 

Black Bat Flower

This kind of hollyhock blooms on tall, robust branches in mid- to late-summer, and its huge, almost black flowers attract a wide range of pollinators. It looks magnificent at the back of borders or beds. 

Watchman Hollyhock

When it blooms in late winter, this perennial will bring a mysterious touch to your yard. Its dark purple color and yellow center make it a striking addition to floral arrangements. 

New York Night Hellebore

This delicious vegetable salad contains crisp shredded brussels sprouts, crunchy hazelnuts, salty shaved cheese, and bright, tart pomegranate seeds. It makes a great lunch or side dish with grilled meats or fish. 

Black Baccara Rose

The large, satiny-textured, deep violet hybrid lilies known as "Night Rider" are eye-catching additions to flower beds and containers. The upward-facing flowers are particularly well-suited for cut arrangements, and each stalk has multiple buds that open in early to midsummer. 

Night Rider Lily

'Black Knight' sweet peas are among the darkest types; their deep crimson blooms, which resemble black flowers in shade, will offer a strong scent to your garden for several weeks from spring to summer. 

Black Knight Sweet Peas

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