9 Infused Water Recipes to Make It Easier to Hit Your Water Quota

This infused water recipe features a delicious combination of orange and mint. 

Orange-Mint Water 

How refreshing! This blended beverage has enough produce to count as one serving of fruit, as well as a half cup of coconut water for electrolytes.

Watermelon-Berry Limeade 

One sip of this fruit water drink will transport you to a sunny beach (or perhaps poolside). 

Mango-Pineapple Water 

Mix a half cup of chilled sparkling water into each serving of this lightly sweetened green tea mocktail to increase its hydrating factor.

Green Tea Soda 

Cantaloupe's high water content is a delightful way to obtain your daily fruit consumption while staying hydrated. 

Cantaloupe-Peach Agua Fresca 

Roses are not only beautiful to look at; they can also provide floral taste to beverages and pastries.

Rose-Scented Water 

Summer-ripe strawberries lend a colorful splash to this homemade flavored water. After the strawberry slices steep overnight (this gives your infused water a beautiful pink tint),

Strawberry Water 

Hibiscus not only adds a lovely flowery flavor to your water, but it also gives the drink a beautiful red-pink color. 

Hibiscus-Lemon Water 

This is the best infused water idea I've seen.

Hit-the-Spot Lemon Water 

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