9 of the Prettiest Hellebore Varieties to Grow for Cold-Season Color

This double hellebore cultivar from the Winter Jewels line boasts huge, petal-packed flowers that are flushing in color. Its distinctive apricot color with scarlet accents looks quite charming. 

'Amber Gem' 

Another Winter Jewels series member, this hellebore variety's rich purple (almost black) petals add a gloomy charm to flower beds.

'Black Diamond' 

This aptly called hellebore species from the Wedding Party range appears especially joyful with its frothy, white, double blossoms with confetti-like burgundy speckles. 

'Confetti Cake' 

This hellebore cultivar features clouds of pink speckled flowers on top of bright green foliage. 'Cotton Candy', like the other members of the Winter Jewels collection, is a stunning confection of a plant with big, double flowers.

'Cotton Candy' 

This collection of hellebore types features plants with large double flowers in pink, purple, yellow, white, and green. The plants grow to be between 18 and 22 inches tall.

'Fluffy Ruffles' 

This hellebore type is part of the Winter Jewels collection and has a lot of golden petals on double flowers that can grow up to 3 inches across.

'Golden Lotus' 

This species of hellebore is a mega-bloomer, with up to 100 blossoms per plant that can grow to 14 inches tall.

'Ice Follies' 

This plant is a hybrid of two different varieties of hellebores (a Lenten rose and a snow rose), with flowers that face outward and upward rather than downward, as most hellebores do.

'Ice n' Roses' 

This hellebore type stands out for its mauve color and lacy double blossoms. It likewise has mid- to dark-green serrated leaves and grows to about 2 feet tall.

'Kingston Cardinal' 

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