A Tour of the Favorite Regional Cocktails in America

Orange Crush

Although the Orange Crush drink originated in Maryland, it has since spread throughout the state and beyond.


The "Beertini" seems like the perfect joke for dads; it's what a dad in a sitcom would jokingly declare to be his favorite beverage after hearing someone order an Appletini.


The Espresso Martini and the Mudslide are similar to Telluride, Colorado's signature drink, which is made with vodka, Kahlúa, Baileys Irish Cream, and a shot of espresso.

Elmo Cola

Until recently, Indiana didn't have an official cocktail that it could proudly claim as its own. 


The Horsefeather is essentially a modern take on the traditional Horse's Neck, which originated in the 1800s.

Ranch Water

Anyone who has visited West Texas between May and September has likely encountered the scorching desert sun, which is only occasionally relieved by a breeze that stirs up tumbleweeds. 

Picon Punch

Amer picon, the component that gives Picon Punch its name, has been unavailable in the US for many years.

Tree Martini

The public's perception of New Mexico is shaped by its pueblos, fiery deserts, green Hatch chiles, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Breaking Bad. 

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