After beating his old comrade, German sprinter Alica Schmidt challenged Erling Haaland to compete.

Sprinter Alica Schmidt, who beat a colleague, challenged Manchester City star Erling Haaland to a race. 

Schmidt, a two-time junior European 4x400m relay medalist, with a 400m personal best of 52.18 seconds. 

With 4.3 million Instagram followers, the 24-year-old is popular.She thinks she can beat Haaland in 400m, but 200m could be tougher as the Norwegian ran over 22.5mph last season.

When asked by Dagbladet, she said "Maybe. On 400m, probably.  

It would be harder on 200m. I would like the race to happen. 

Haaland, who scored 52 goals in City's treble-winning season, owns the world record for five-year-old long jump. 

We dig into her life and accomplishments in more detail in this piece.   

Schmidt collaborated with Borussia Dortmund players for their 'Stay fit' series after being dubbed "world's sexiest athlete" by Busted Coverage in 2017. 

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