Are You Better As A Friend Or As A Lover

Sagittarius is extremely pragmatic and faithful, and he will be the one buddy with whom you can disclose your darkest secrets. They are also the friend you can contact to come pick you up after driving drunk into a swamp. And if you've already been handcuffed and taken to jail by the time they arrive at the swamp


Aquarians are as devoted as a grizzled old hound dog and have never met a stranger. Even if you're just meeting them, they'll act as if they've missed you every day for the past ten years and are waiting by the window for you to return. They are extremely friendly—


Virgos can be excellent companions because they can often detect—and articulate—your needs better than you can. They may not have many friends, but those they do have are solid gold.


Capricorns are quite realistic and hardly what you'd term "fun-loving." They may not be the finest buddies in the zodiac, but they are certainly not the best lovers—especially if their hearts have ever been shattered.


Cancers are touchy and cautious, thus they don't make good companions or partners. They are needy and greedy, taking more than they give in friendships and romance. 


Aries are outgoing and gregarious, making it easy to make friends and find partners. However, because they are also fickle and adventurous, they have no problem discarding people like yesterday's trash. They are more interested in themselves than everyone else.


Easily the most frustrating of the zodiac signs, because you never know which twin you'll get on any given day. One day, they may be the best friend and lover you could have ever asked for. The next, they can act as if they've never met you. They are Geminis. It's in their nature. They focus their affection or friendship on you with laser-like intensity.


Are Leos a bit flighty?…mercurial?…tempestuous?…moody? This rarely results in long-term friendships or romantic relationships. A lion can keep you safe, but it may also bite off your head. But come on—you don't become King of the Jungle by being awful in bed. 


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