Astrology: Using the Scorpio new moon energies to benefit all 12 zodiac sign 

After a stormy eclipse season and the new moon in Scorpio on November 13, the calendar year is winding up Scorpio season and entering Sagittarius, with a full moon in Gemini predicted to peak on November 28.  

"Scorpio season ends with active movement and opportunities to power up what you're committed to deeply shifting in yourself, especially concerning trust, safety, financial energies and reclaiming what you want in your experiences," Molly McCord, an astrologer, said.  

"The Sun and Mars are conjunct at 24 degrees Scorpio on Nov 17, making a trine to Neptune in retrograde in Pisces at 24 degrees, which is a starting point to a two-year cycle of asserting what you want and working with your higher self to move forward."  

Proceed to the 12 rising zodiac signs and the integrating energy themes.  

Aries:  Finding liberty from assets and independence against reliance are some typical themes for the rising sign of Aries. Conflicts over things and objects, as well as achieving an overall sense of peace with resources and severing relationships that no longer work, may be on the horizon.  

Taurus:   Taurus' rising signs may experience seeing the shadow sides of themselves in relationships. Do you put some of your less-than-ideal aspects of yourself onto others? This month could be an excellent time to examine areas of yourself with which you are not being honest, as well as patterns and possibilities for growth.  

Gemini:    Whatever has been bothering you recently may find resolution. As the twin signs of duality, Gemini rising and sun, you frequently explore the extremes in relationships and within yourself. This zodiac sign placement has a tendency to sweep the shadowy, dark aspects of oneself under the rug in order to avoid dealing with or looking at them.   

Cancer:    Changes in friendships and relationships may be at the forefront of Cancer's increasing indications. Finding the correct network to support who you are now or what you are becoming is critical as these folks grow and discover new areas of creativity inside themselves. Please be patient. When you embark on your creative authenticity, the proper individuals will come along.  

Leo:   Leo rising may experience themes related to home, roots, and habitats. A breakthrough in your work life could occur when you begin to align with your calling while dealing with family and home, which could result in substantial changes.  

Virgo:   Exploration and trying new things could be brewing or studying new philosophies that could be a liberating start to a new perspective to open the mind to concepts that could revolutionize your belief system.   

Libra:    What processes are coming up that could bring about change that you are suspicious of? Do you think you're open to receiving from others? Are there any conflicts coming up with people being involved in your possessions? Sometimes, it's good for Libras to learn to accept help from others.   

Scorpio:    The fixed water sign of Scorpio might be reflecting on themes of identity and letting go. Can you become less serious for a moment to enjoy your relationships or a nice dinner with your lover or a glass of wine? Being vulnerable is essential to be fully seen in relationship dynamics, even if uncomfortable— something to consider.   

Sagittarius:    The Sagittarius rising could be experiencing intense anger and some wounded victim energy. However, the true power will emerge when you rise above and surrender to something bigger than yourself. A redemptive narrative could be your story in time because when you become wise, you can help others.   

Capricorn:   Are you enjoying who and what you are carrying? Capricorn rising and sun signs sometimes carry more than theirs, not only this month but in general. Make sure the people in your circle have your back and appreciate the energy and strength you bring to the table. Taking an inventory of what you give and receive is being highlighted this month, as well as deciding who and what is worth the long haul.    

Aquarius:   Finding new ways to relax and escape from work and stress could be a big theme coming up. Finding ways to become less cerebral could be liberating with exercise or activities to get out of your head and quiet the mind.  

Pisces:    Is your belief system supporting you, and what questions are coming up for you? Are you struggling with letting it go? Keep yourself from evolving with other people's energy or (stuff). Give yourself the gift to be happy— which might mean telling a few others to buzz off and to get out of your space.     

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