Gimme Some Oven's Healthy Eating Month continues today with a smoothie I have been craving. Essentially, 

it is a recipe for a blueberry avocado smoothie, but I like to refer to it as my "brain power smoothie"

since it is loaded with delicious ingredients that are beneficial to brain function 

Speaking of nerdiness, have I ever told you the tale of me winning the spelling bee in fourth grade? I am not sure why this thought came to me. Yes, 

I was really good at my elementary school when I said "au-t-u-m-n, autumn." 

In order to represent the school, I was sent to the regional spelling bee, but regrettably, I was eliminated in the first round. My, what?

If it's too acidic, add agave.Using berries, banana, and orange juice, this vivid beet smoothie balances sweetness and earthiness.  

Walking on frozen water is unsafe. Avoid frozen lakes, ponds, and other water. The ice may not sustain your pet's weight, and falling through might be fatal. 

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