Buccaneers Star Claps Back at ‘Dumb Fans’ After Likely Final Game in Tampa

It's possible that Buccaneers linebacker Devin White has played his final game in Tampa Bay,

with his wild 2023 season encapsulating his tumultuous up-and-down career to date.

 White has been utilized almost exclusively as a platoon part-timer this season by coach Todd Bowles, and while he has not always been pleased, 

He has produced some remarkable performances. White played only 14 snaps in the Buccaneers' final game, a playoff loss to Detroit, and did not have many memorable highlights.

The Lions scored a touchdown while he was on the field, causing a fan to comment on Twitter/X that the Buccaneers,

"PUT DEVIN WHITE SORRY A** IN AND GAVE UP A TD." Baltimore star Patrick Queen, a former LSU linebacker, commented that White "wasn't even on him dummy."   

That's when White retaliated against the fan, claiming that he was to blame for the reduction in coverage:

They don't know what special coverage is, brudda, which is why I don't respond to these dumb a** fans.

I accomplished my job well and received three extra stars! Take whatever that comes across my face. "I love you six."

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