Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds?

If you're used to starting your day with a cup of coffee or two, you've probably noticed how quickly wasted coffee grinds pile up—and you've probably wondered if you can repurpose them to make another cup.

However, while saving coffee grounds to brew additional coffee may appear to be a good approach to save money and prevent food waste, it is definitely best avoided.

Brewing a second cup of coffee with used coffee grounds yields a less tasty and strong cup of coffee.

"You typically do not want to make a second cup of coffee with grounds that have already been brewed once," explains Matt Foster, general manager of Century Coffee Co. 

and owner of Sol Luna Coffee Whiskey. "This is primarily because the pleasant flavors in coffee grinds are removed within the first few minutes of brewing—or in less than a minute if you're creating espresso.

If you try to brew the leftover coffee grounds again, you will most likely receive an unpalatable cup that tastes weak and bitter. There just isn't enough coffee grounds for the water to draw from.

However, there are plenty other enjoyable methods to repurpose spent coffee grounds.While you should usually avoid using wasted coffee grounds to brew more coffee,

you can reuse them in other ways, such as cooking, baking, or preparing cocktails. Foster suggests using leftover coffee grounds to produce coffee saccharum (akin to oleo saccharum, a citrusy syrup used in cocktails) to add to espresso martinis or nonalcoholic drinks.

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