Carl, Dolly Parton's spouse, noticed her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume: "It's not quite long enough."

Dolly Parton made a splash at the Dallas Cowboys halftime show, donning the team's cheerleader outfit and a sequined bodysuit. 

Her outfit, featuring tiny shorts and a bra top, garnered attention online, surprising many given her age of 77. 

Parton explained it was meant to be funny and a playful homage to the Dallas cheerleaders, expecting people to excuse any potential mistake. 

She expressed satisfaction that the stunt received widespread press coverage, despite not anticipating it. 

Parton's husband, Carl Thomas Dean, had a humorous reaction, commenting on the short length of her outfit. 

The country legend had fittings before the performance and acknowledged her husband's comments about the outfit's length. 

Parton jokingly asked her husband if he was jealous, emphasizing the lighthearted nature of their banter. 

Overall, she enjoyed the positive reception and was pleased with how the stunt turned out. 

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