Challenging Optical Illusion: Can You Detect 16 Tigers Hidden In This Forest Within 21 Seconds? 

Optical illusions aren't simply for entertainment; they may also be used to assess a person's intelligence. 

There are several sorts of illusions, including physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions.

An optical illusion is typically made up of a mind-bending image that can even change shape.  

The human brain is constructed in such a way that it is prone to neglecting minor details and frequently shifts its focus to the broader or complete picture.

 As a result, these illusions can reveal a lot about how your brain works and can be used to train it.

The optical illusion we offer for you depicts the expanse of a lush forest, with both huge and little creatures in the picture. 

The blazing beauty of the tiger family first draws your attention. However, you are a true genius if you can find the other 12 tigers' faces buried somewhere in the photograph. 

If you believe you have a higher IQ than the average person, you should be able to identify all 16 tigers in the image within 21 seconds of seeing it.

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